Earlier this week, John and I spent two days training technicians from all over the country in our two day workshop entitled Service Sales Success School. After getting to know these wonderful front line people with hearts and desire as big as it gets, it made me think about the concept of authenticity.

These selling technicians show up to our class expecting us to beat them down, tell them where they're wrong, why they should be making more money for their owners, and ultimately become company robots with zero personality.

We know nothing is further from the truth, and one thing I've learned after training thousands of technicians over the past decade is this: our selling technicians must be authentic!

If we're attempting to sell anything to anybody, we must be authentic with our approach. We must be authentic with our intent. We must be authentic with our beliefs about what we're doing and the conversations we're having, or a break down is certain to occur.

If a breakdown at any point or any level occurs, the relationship is compromised and no sale is made. This is true regardless of what you're "selling". It might be a technician offering a water heater, new heating system, or panel upgrade. Or, it could be a company meeting that we're "selling" our own techs on a process or procedure we'd like to see implemented. Either way, no matter how you slice it, or what you want to call it, it's selling.

I pay a lot of attention to this point of authenticity, and I know with all that I am that the more authentic I am with my schools, my coaching, my training, and my clients, the better chance I have of them implementing the changes I'm asking them to make. (This is sales too by the way, we just don't think of it this way, see paragraph above).

What does authenticity mean to you? How important do you see it regarding your own influence?

The dictionary uses words like trustworthy and genuine regarding defining authenticity. Personally, I don't care what the dictionary says, but rather I care what you say. Authenticity is about being more of who you are. The REAL you shining through! This is authenticity to me. When you get your ego and fear out of the way, your true self can come shining through, just like what I train your technicians to do.

Yes, it seems like a crazy topic for techs, but they eat it up in the way I train it.

Authenticity drives the ability to relate on a common level. One of the reasons my schedule is so full is technicians relate to me and my clients see this, as well as the results it drives. Even though I'm an owner, I'm able to be authentic and real with them so they open up and become willing to listen and implement what I'm asking them to do. (Which is exactly what I'm talking about!) I'm asking them to open up, be authentic and relatable to your customers we're looking to have invest in  your services.

Try becoming more authentic in your own meetings and leadership and see how far it takes you!

Have an incredible weekend!

My very best,