Let Kenny, Energize, Inspire and Help You Get Results!

Thank you so much for presenting the webinar for us on the Marriage of Sales and Marketing. We appreciate you sharing the business lessons you’ve learned over the years with our members. You provided some great practical information. That’s exactly what contractors want, strategies and ideas that they can implement immediately to help them achieve business success.

Cindy Sheridan, PHCC Education Foundation

Kenny, you were amazing. The team loved your message. Thanks so much for a great day!

Alan O’Neill, Abacus and Berkeys

Our company just completed four days of training with Kenny. I feel like I not only gained knowledge that helps me at work but in my life in general.  He presented the information in a way that was entertaining. I highly recommend him and what he has to offer to any company that's wanting to take customer service and sales to the next level. Thanks Kenny!

Teresa A., Albritton Service Company

Kenny is a great speaker, very motivational and knowledgeable.

Joe Sokolowski, Service Professionals

Kenny is the best speaker I’ve ever seen.

Randy McKeen, Smart Electric


The Six Dimensions of C.H.A.N.G.E.

Topic: Motivation and Personal Growth

Based on his breakthrough book The Six Dimensions of C.H.A.N.G.E., Kenny delivers a high-impact presentation that will “wow” your audience, giving them the tools needed to thrive, grow, and adapt in today’s continually evolving business climate.

We’ve all heard that ‘the only constant is change,’ and now (more than ever) it is essential to understand how to handle change, manage it, and implement strategic plans with optimum productivity and efficiency in mind.

Using the acronym C.H.A.N.G.E., Kenny provides a concise method for seamlessly integrating new concepts and goals into your company’s preexisting framework. Implement Kenny’s exclusive system to create a new standard for success in your business and begin to notice positive results immediately.

Mindset Makeover

Topic: Motivation and Personal Growth

Do you feel that your company is not performing at the level of its’ potential? This is a combined result of each individual employee failing to work at their personal potential.

If you are looking for an innovative way to gain a huge advantage over your competition, let Kenny guide your company through an inspiring, engaging mindset makeover, creating a foundation for the outstanding prosperity that you deserve and desire.

Attendees will leave this seminar with an empowered understanding of their own limitless capabilities, ready to conquer any challenge and become a more valuable employee. This session is a great way to energize projects, build a cohesive mindset within your organization, and create an overall environment for success.

Secrets To Winning In Life and Business

Topic: Motivation & Personal Growth

Imagine that your life is a mess due to poor personal choices which have left you in trouble with the law, penniless, and involved in detrimental relationships. As you watch your life pass by, you lack hope and self confidence, feeling as though life is just a labor of existence.

This was Kenny’s story. As a result of many life experiences, breakthroughs, and much risk taking, Kenny discovered what it took to completely transform his reality and accomplish incredible things. Despite much adversity, Kenny now lives the life he had only imagined.

For over 20 years, he has been helping others release past conditioning, discover their strengths, and achieve personal and professional goals. Kenny loves helping others make a difference in the world through their careers and contributions to society.

The Keys To Leadership: Unleashing Human Potential

Topic: People Development

In an ever-changing environment, how can we overcome some of the major challenges that our leaders are facing? How can our leaders communicate and implement more effectively, while creating unstoppable momentum within the organization? These questions set Kenny Chapman on a quest to understand which leadership strategies achieve the most effective results. Kenny has owned his own successful business for more than two decades, running the company strategically through a leadership team. Few speakers today actually test and utilize key leadership concepts and strategies in their own companies.

In this captivating session, participants learn how to tap into hidden potential inside themselves and others, to achieve desired results, and to implement a proven system for ongoing people development.


While Kenny tailors his presentations for each audience, he can also develop a completely unique program based on your company’s specific objectives and desired results. Based on a comprehensive goal and needs analysis, Kenny caters a complete strategic plan to profoundly impact your group. This “custom design” can be applied in any situation, from a keynote to a week-long intensive workshop.

Kenny prides himself on being the easiest speaker you will ever work with. Each client receives a personal, pre-event consultation, discussing details of the event and clarifying desired results. To become one of Kenny’s “raving fan” clients, call now: 877-968-2244

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"Seminars, Keynote Speakers, Workshops: Sometimes they hit the mark, and sometimes they don't. Kenny Chapman's message was a rare combination of personal perspective and, at times, humorous commentary on what makes us who we are. He challenged us to rethink our outlook on life to garnish our true potential. His presentation was a big reminder that it's not enough to set goals. One must pull them off the back burner and really fire them up with action. Kenny's presentation was surprisingly entertaining and had you leaving still wishing for more!  No wonder there was a line for Kenny's books and CD's after the event!"

- Catherine Weech, Small Business Owner, Anacortes Washington