Hurry Up Offense

If you watch football at all you've probably heard the term "hurry up offense." This usually occurs in the fourth quarter of the game when time is running out. The team with the ball usually is behind in points and they have one goal in mind, score, and score quickly. So they employ this strategy to speed up the game. There's not a whole lot of time to think, no time to huddle, just get on the line and run a play. Often the play calls are way more aggressive as well because, quite frankly, there's just no time to be conservative. The funny thing is, that many times even teams that struggle during the game seem to do much better during the "hurry up offense."  I have a few theories as to why this seems to occur and they might very well be applicable to your business strategy for the end of the year. So now that there's under two months left in the fourth quarter of the year, and you have goals to meet for your business, who knows, it might just be time to run your hurry up offense.

One reason these last two months might be a great time to advance your business could have less to do with you and more with your competition. In a football game, often the team that is ahead will employ a strategy called "prevent defense." Essentially the competition loosens up their defense in order to prevent the offense from making a big play. The downside for the defense, however, is that the offense can gain huge chunks of yardage due to the open gaps in the field. Well, during the holidays most of your competition will be playing a "prevent defense." What are they trying to prevent? Doing a lot of work during the holidays! This could be a huge opportunity for you to gain ground on your competitors. Family, of course, is the most important thing but for those who can manage it, it could be time to ramp up your offense. From marketing to networking, get your team in position to score big at the end of the year.

Sometimes when options are eliminated, the game gets simpler. You've got certain goals to meet and a certain time to do it. Most importantly, it's the difference between winning and losing. The vision is clear and defined and often that is a catalyst to success. During the first three quarters of a football game the goal might just be to simply score. However, when there's two minutes left in the game and you're down by 4, the goal becomes clear. We need to score a touchdown or we lose. Now, of course, business is not as simple as wins and losses but it sure benefits from setting clear and defined goals. Take some time to lay out a plan for the last two months of the year, giving yourself and your people specific goals and numbers to hit. You might just pull off a spectacular victory.

When a team is struggling throughout the game it can sometimes be a product of conservative play calling. The team is so risk averse that they tend to become stagnant and predictable, hence the offense can't score. For those teams and in this case businesses, it might be time to be more aggressive, or in football terms, open up the offense. Maybe there are some strategies that were on the to-do list that never got employed during the year. It might be time to implement that strategy and run those plays. Maybe there's a rookie on your team that has amazing potential and it's time to put the ball in their hands. Do what you need to do to get a spark so you can spend the rest of the year celebrating.