Two - Day


Uncovers Areas of Weakness and Gets You Moving In The Right Direction!


When it comes to the inside operations of your business, sometimes you are just too close to the everyday workflow to be as effective as possible. When this happens, you are missing out on huge opportunities for increased profitability and decreased “headaches.” Lack of systems and consistent reporting is one of the main reasons that businesses never reach their true potential.

We are here to help. Our two-day Inside Operations Intensive is strategically designed to uncover areas of weakness and get you going in the right direction. Our certified Blue Collar Success Coach will work one-on-one with you, as well as members of your office staff, to analyze your current processes and create a deliberate, well-organized structure for your internal operations. They will help you implement thoughtfully structured systems and reporting in order to remove the guesswork from your daily business operations.

Here are just a few of the topics that will be covered:

  • The significance of impactful inbound and outbound calling scripts.

Your team members should know exactly what to do in every call situation. Having the right scripts in place is essential so that you know every call in being handled in a consistent manner. Without the proper scripts, you risk losing hundreds of great leads per year due to lack of planning at systematization.

  • Prioritizing your incoming calls.

Not all calls are created equal! We will discuss with your team members the different types of calls that you receive and show them how to determine which calls should be given the greatest priority based on potential.

  • Why effective communication between clients, operations and technicians is vital.

Communication breakdowns are the main cause of friction between team members in a business, and can greatly impact your customer service and overall culture. We’ll uncover exactly where you have weaknesses surrounding your information exchanges and examine the different communication styles that are impacting your company.

  • Measuring call statistics for increased success.

Only what gets measured can be managed. We see many clients measure a lot of data, but fail to utilize that data to drive business growth and profitability. We’ll look at your current procedures and suggest adjustments to be implemented as necessary.

  • Improving the efficiency of your paperwork flow.

In the age of new technology, paperwork flow efficiency is incredibly important. We’ll help you maximize operational potential by streamlining paperwork flow anywhere and everywhere we see that improvements need to be made.

  • The importance of forecasting.

When we don’t look to the future, we don’t have a roadmap to achieve our goals. We’ll review forecasting procedures and help simplify and maximize the results gained from this profit-producing procedure.

  • How to make sure that you are in control of your inventory.

Inventory management (in most service businesses) is a huge challenge and ongoing problem. We believe in simple systems for inventory management, and we’ll spend detailed time to ensure your system is serving the business at the highest efficiency and profitability level possible.

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This intense focus on your service sales will be one of the best things you ever do for your business, and the return on your investment will be exponential.

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