It’s all about perspective

I’ve noticed an interesting energy going on lately around us. I don’t want to call it “negative” energy, but it’s certainly an energy that could be interpreted as “negative” depending on your perspective. There’s been sickness, death, economic turmoil, bank failures, credit scams, among many other things that seem to have people all out of sorts. In fact change is as close to home to me as a service business that I own.

I have a leadership team that runs the day to day operations of this business, and we’ve recently made a change and eliminated one of the positions on the team. This person happened to be the second in command of this business and the decision to change has had a bit of a “fallout” from a culture perspective in the short term. Recently I was giving a speech on perspective and I thought it was worthwhile to share a couple points with you here:

1. When are you actually happy? Really happy.

See, many times we find ourselves waiting for something to change or improve before we allow ourselves to be happy. Think about the economic situation in the current world. Many people are blaming the economic storm for their state of unhappiness. My question for all of us is this… Is it really the economy that makes us unhappy, or is the economy just the latest thing to take the blame? Have you been consistently happy over the last several years as we enjoyed one of the greatest economic growth periods of our lives? No, not really, you say? Then guess what, if you weren’t always happy when the economy was great, then don’t blame the economy on not being happy now! Get to the REAL reason of your feelings and emotions.

2. What’s your perspective?

In my speaking events I often tell audiences this: Nothing is either good or bad, only our thoughts make it so. I’ll say it again. Nothing is either good or bad, only our thoughts make it so. How can I say this, clearly there are things that are bad, really bad. Now, I’m not sitting here with my head in the sand saying that life never gives us some challenging situations (or perhaps we ask for them). My point is that usually something that we classify is bad is based on our perspective. I grew up a race fan and one of the greatest events I’ve ever attended is the Indianapolis 500. (I’ve actually been fortunate enough to attend 4 times). For those of you who don’t follow racing, this is the “grand-daddy” of all racing events and is attended by upwards to 400,000 spectators ever year. This race is held on the Sunday before Memorial Day each year. In Indiana, there is sometimes a chance for rain on this day and many times the race has been cut short, or delayed until the next day due to weather. Wouldn’t it be terrible to have this huge race rained out? It’s attended by hundreds of thousands of people, and viewed on television by millions. Yes, this would be really, really bad. Or would it? What about the farmers across the plains of Indiana that have the necessary crops and have been in a drought over the course of a given winter and spring and are the cusp of losing their crops, their income, unable to provide much needed groceries to the stores. Supply is down so prices move up all across the country as people attempt to get their vegetables. These farmers got much needed rain and the race was postponed. Yes, this would be really, really good. Or would it? See, the point is, usually what we classify as bad, someone might classify as good. Neither one is right or wrong, but what our perspective is makes it so for us. As we move on and keep moving forward, let’s remember this. Let’s check our perspective from time to time.

Let’s remember that it’s NEVER the events outside of us that determine our inside state of being, but rather how we feel and what we choose to focus on.

Thanks for spending a couple minutes with me, keep your positive perspective, and have a great day!!!