Leadership Focus

What if you were to realize that the current state of your company is a direct result of the things you’ve been focusing on to this point? This is a fact, and something we cannot take for granted. The focus of leadership in an organization is always paramount, but has now become critical to accomplishing company goals and objectives.

In the speaking, coaching, and training that I do all over the country, I meet a lot of business owners and leaders in many diverse industries. In a very short conversation, I’m able to understand what they focus on and how they run their companies. It never seems to fail that if they are focused on results, accountability, and what can be improved, the company is thriving. However, if they only talk about how bad the economy is, or negative aspects of their industry, their company is one that is struggling.

I’m a realist, and I will say that things are more challenging than I’ve seen them in my 16 years of leadership at Peterson Plumbing. However, as a realist, I recognize that what I focus on makes the largest impact on the results generated by my company. What about you? What things do you focus on the most? Do you find yourself looking at a 2007 income statement and wishing for those glory days, or do you analyze your monthly KPI comparisons, your rolling twelve, and make the necessary decisions based on today’s reality? Is your focus solution- based, or are you wishing for better days?

Even though I don’t have an office at Peterson, I’m still very engaged in the day-to-day operations. I continue to empower my team to make the necessary changes, even though they might not be easy adjustments to make. You must empower your team and set an example as a leader that you are focused on constant improvement for the company. As you know, actions speak louder than words. When you focus on creating a positive environment and commit to doing what’s necessary for success, your team will begin to share your vision. In a short period of time, you will start to experience increased positive results.

Many people are talking about the fact that business is down. I can definitely relate; we have had the same experience with gross sales at Peterson, but based on our focus and informed decision making, we remain strong and profitable. My question for you is: “What are you going to focus on in order to change your reality?” The leader ultimately drives results and sets the tone of urgency in the company. Our time is now! We must increase the level of urgency more than ever, hold our team members accountable, and make decisions which will have a positive impact on our companies.

E. Joseph Cossman once said, “Obstacles are things a person sees when he takes his eyes off his goal.” This is a very powerful statement and something we need to be extremely mindful of right now. I encourage you to re-visit your goals and ask yourself if you’re still focused on them. If you’ve found that your clarity and focus have slipped, decide to re-commit to yourself and your team in order to unlock the potential that is within you. I believe in you, and know that you can create and achieve anything you set your mind to. Go do it!!!