Lebron James Plays Like You

Turns out that you and Lebron James have a lot in common. You’re both human beings and...it pretty much stops there. Just kidding. Actually, you have a lot more in common with Lebron James that you think. If you take a look at his career so far you’ll find it almost mirrors your career as an entrepreneur. Don’t you see it? Ok, Ok, just for a second lets get past physical attributes and lets take a look the hidden, often overlooked, triumphs of his career. More importantly, lets take a look at how those triumphs relate to your business.

The Hype:

Time flies so fast these days that we only see the wily veteran, Lebron James, of the Miami Heat. We might, however, forget the high school senior that was being regarded as the savior of the NBA. Remember “King James?” That, my friends, is not only a ridiculous amount of pressure but more hype than any young man should have to live up to. Remember when you decided to go into business for yourself? Instantly the pressure of supporting yourself and your family was placed squarely on your shoulders. Success and failure could no longer be attributed to a company or a boss, it was up to you now. You were the franchise player. You also enjoyed the hype a little bit.You formed a corporation with a cool name, opened your doors, and started to like the way people spoke about you as a “business owner.” You were the man...or woman. The question was, could you live up to the hype?

7 Years in Cleveland:

Once the glamour of owning your business wore off, panic set in a little bit. It was time to show numbers or the cool uniform you had made would no longer be a source of pride but a constant mocker hanging in your closet. So you dug in. It was time to rely on the raw skills that got you to this level in the first place. You muscled your way to a few accounts and though you struggled at times you managed to get your occasional slam dunk deal and bring some momentum back to your business. It took a while but you began to incorporate some team members into your strategy. It took some pressure off your shoulders and let you step back a bit and take a look at your business. Turns out your business was pretty good so you decided to be patient and let it evolve for a few years. However, you knew in your heart that you were meant for big success not mediocre success. I mean, you were called “King Contractor” back in the day! You had some good years, yes, but you knew that good can often be the enemy of great.

The Decision:

There is no harder time to make a big decision than when things are fine on the outside but just not how you pictured things in your dreams. You pictured something bigger than everyone else pictured but the fear of making a drastic change in your business and ending up worse off gave you much pause. What would people say if you failed? The scrutiny would be unbearable. Yet, one thought gave you some comfort. This was your life, and nobody else’s. People have been scrutinizing you since you got into business, yet here you are. You have developed yourself as a leader and now it’s time to make decisions that leaders make.

Maybe you haven’t made the decision to take your business to another level and no one can tell you whether it is the right time or not. Only you know that. But if you have that feeling in your gut then it might be time to make some big moves. See you in the finals.