Live Look-ing Forward

DSC_0188By Robin Stevens, Internal Operations Coach

The 2013 Live Look at Peterson Plumbing earlier this month was very successful and brought together business people interested in growing their business and themselves as leaders. The enthusiasm during this two day event was infectious and every business left with 3 Big Rocks they wanted to work on going into 2014.

So where are you today with your 3 Big Rocks?  You boarded your plane, settled back in your seat, buckled your seat belt and got as comfortable as possible for the long or short flight home.   The plane takes off and you begin to reflect on the last two days.  You begin to picture yourself walking through the front doors of your business with more bounce in your step and a plan to work on your goals, but as you walk through the doors you are hit with questions and issues before you even get to your office. After about 45 minutes of everyone getting you up to speed on what has been going on, you set your workbook on your desk and get back to business.  As the day goes on paperwork gets piled on top your workbook and the pile gets moved around on your desk several times.

So let me ask you this, where is your workbook today?  Is it where all the other training manuals are?  If you can’t find it, FIND IT NOW, yes I mean RIGHT NOW!!  Open it to the 3 Big Rock page and reread it.  Do you remember how you felt completing this page and how important these items were to you?  Now, don’t let your goals and dreams get lost in your office with all the other manuals sitting on a bookshelf.

If you are serious about improving your business and yourself, keep this workbook close.  Let it continue to be a tool to reach your goals and dreams.  You can make anything happen as long as remain focused and take action.

Remember that your company is a reflection of you, so remember to look in the mirror.


  • Lamont Goldstein

    I am a training video member and QSC member the video training series is helping us to systematize our presentation for a consistent WoW customer experience, it is a wonderful tool! We have been working on re-branding our little 4 truck company and ready to role it out by the end of the year, from new logo , vehicle wraps, company 16 pg brochure and performance advantage maintenance plan tri folds, ect. We are focusing on in 2014 expanding our present 25 mile radius service area to almost twice that. My questions are marketing related; direct mail, retention marketing, referral and maintenance agreements are our current tools in our established 13 year area, we are contemplating radio in front of and during direct mail campaigns in the new expanded areas. Your thought, suggestions and experiences in the growth of Peterson? Thanks, Lamont p.s. I think part of my monthly membership is the ability to reach out via email for some mentor advice, not certain? Thanks Again.

  • Kenny Chapman

    Hi Lamont!
    Somehow we didn’t get notified that you had posted a comment. here. I hope the email exchange we had the other day helped out some? Please don’t hesitate if we can do more to help you. Thanks for continuing to be a part of our community. We’re here to help you my friend!

    All the best,