Out of Control

Whether you realize it or not one of the biggest contributors to our feelings of stress and frustration is the simple word “control,” or our lack of it.   Now there are simply some things in life you can’t control.   If something occurs in your business that is really and truly out of your control, be thankful.  The universe has obviously made a choice for you that needed to be made to open up an even greater opportunity. Be patient and let it happen.  However, more often than not, if properly analyzed, most things are within our control if we are willing to take responsibility for the decisions we make.  Unfortunately the word “responsibility” has taken a bad connotation due to our introduction to the term as children through phrases like “you need to take responsibility for your actions!”  The truth is, responsibility, is the key to having control in your business.   Yes, it puts the weight squarely on your shoulders but if it’s not on your shoulders, then who?   Think of that weight on your shoulders as part of a workout that makes you stronger rather than something that weighs you down.  Here are three ways to gain control in your life.

Find the Fork in the Road

Most likely you could’ve prevented this.  Prevented what, you ask?  It doesn’t matter.  What matters is that whatever challenging situation confronts you there was a decision you made that could’ve prevented it.   There are two challenges to this philosophy.  One, is finding that fork in the road where you should have made a right or a left or simply turned around.  Sometimes you have to backtrack quite a ways but you will eventually come to that fork or decision which could have changed everything.  The second challenge is not to get down on yourself about it.  Listen, it was a decision you made and that you obviously had to make to learn this lesson NOW.  The trick is to actually learn that lesson so you’ll know which turn to make when you see that fork again.

Close Your Circle

Often it is necessary at the initial stages of a business to outsource certain duties and jobs needed for your business to others.  These things can range from accounting to subcontracting a painter.  This can be very efficient; however, there may be times when the lack of vested interest in those you outsource duties to has a negative effect on your business.  In these cases it is sometimes wise to close your circle.  In other words, it might be more effective to partner or even expand your company to include the duties you outsource in order to bridge that gap in your business circle.  Bridging that gap and closing the circle will mean greater control of your desired outcomes.

Control Your Environment

You can’t control people sometimes, but you can control your environment.  They say good things happen to good people, well conversely, bad things happen to bad people and you don’t want to be around when they do.  It is important to note that no matter what the grand potential upside is of a “bad seed,” the potential downside is often grander and more reliable.  If people have a proven character of so called “shadiness,” be aware of it, and how it affects the people around them.  Once you spot it do your best to clear your environment of that energy and you’ll enjoy smoother sailing in the long-term.