Purpose Behind Selling

I do a lot of live events throughout the year and these often involve training scores of technicians on

  • Selling techniques
  • Strategies
  • Systems

What I always find is that selling technicians really do want to "do the right thing", but oftentimes they get stuck when it comes to the "why" behind what they are being asked to do.

We find that many managers fail miserably when it comes to this point of the "why" behind selling process and strategies, and forego the importance of helping selling techs understand the importance at a higher level behind the processes we are asking them to follow.

Effective training is one of the most important and profitable things you can implement in your company, but it must be relevant, and as I mentioned...effective. How can we make it more relevant and effective?

Help selling technicians understand WHY specific actions at certain times make such a big difference for them, their customers, and the overall company. Next week we'll be releasing a new 'Done For You' technician training video regarding this topic for our monthly training members, and today I wanted to cover three key things that need to be addressed to help your technicians get behind a process in a bigger way.

When I'm speaking in front of a group of selling techs, I always like to ask them a few questions to get an understanding of where they are mentally regarding selling. So I'll ask a few key questions early on in a workshop or training session.

"What is the purpose of selling? What is the point of the process? What is the goal of making a sale?"

The answers are usually categorized very similar and have the same blah-blah feeling from the techs. Generally they tell me that the Purpose of selling is just to make a sale, the point of the Process is simply to convince someone to buy, and the Goal is to make the company more money.


If this is what they're feeling then no wonder it seems to be such a struggle to encourage them to get behind a quality selling process! What's in it for them? How can they feel really good about themselves and what they do if they're simply transactional order takers?

Let's get clear about helping them understand that it's much bigger than this, and they are making a true difference. It's our responsibility as company leaders to get them emotionally connected to why they are doing such an important job, and what it means to the health of the entire organization!

The Purpose of selling is to enhance and improve a customer's life. Period. To leave them in a better situation than before they had an interaction with this technician.
The point of the Process is to create a sequence of experiences encouraging them to invest in our products or services.

The Goal is to create a connection for a long term revenue producing customer.

Does that feel a little different than what we're currently hearing from selling techs? Absolutely!

Earlier this week I did a virtual training on this topic for a company that has three different locations and we trained all three locations live at the same time. As I covered these topics and reframed them to have more meaning and purpose I could see how the techs began to perk up and feel a bit different about what we're asking them to do.

When they understand "why" they're much more likely to perform the simple tasks we need like creating a quality options sheet, or making a well thought out presentation. All of these go together, but nothing happens if they feel like boring order takers!

My very best,

P.S. Be sure to also check out this article on confidence. Confidence is the single biggest indicator of success as a selling tech. Without it technicians self destruct and fail live up to their potential.