Purpose Revisited

Last week I spoke about Purpose regarding the selling process. This week we're going to quickly revisit this topic. I'm currently in the Denver area as I trained some awesome technicians yesterday for one of my great clients regarding the importance of Option Sheets.

We did a few different exercises in the training regarding how quality Option Sheets can affect us and our customers. Those of you that follow me to any degree know how important I feel this step of the process is. When I speak about purpose behind selling, Option Sheets are certainly at the forefront because I see and know the power of this tool both for a technician and for a customer. It's such a powerful differentiator when it comes to process, and we need to remain focused on helping our team members improve in this area.

However, today is not about Option Sheets. It is all about purpose being revisited. I had a great conversation with a phenomenal business owner from the Huntsville area a couple days ago and my mentor and friend Frank Blau came up. Frank is one of the game changers in our industry and I'm honored to continue to carry his message of change and improvement. Frank has changed many lives (including my own) along with guys like Ron Smith, Matt Michel and a host of other leaders in this great industry

These guys along with myself have found some higher level of purpose by helping contractors improve their lives by growing phenomenal market leading companies. I'm so honored to have the opportunity to work with some of the greatest contractors in the world. I'll be in Montana with another terrific client next week doing training and creating positive change as well. I get my own purpose met by helping clients and friends accomplish more than they might have previously thought possible.

In fact, I had the opportunity to go to a final building meeting with the Vice President of the company I worked with yesterday. This company is in the process of building a new 20,000 square foot facility securing even more financial benefit for his retirement. He's able to do this because he operates a well run, profitable machine for a business.

In fact, the owner of this company happens to be in Rwanda, Africa right now helping to build a water treatment facility for a hospital. How cool is that? Doing work like this helps my friend and client meet some of his personal purpose through his charity work. This is ONLY possible because he makes a healthy profit at his company.

What about you? How does your purpose line up with your company? If you're an owner I hope this is a fairly easy question to answer, but it's not one we ask a lot. If you're a manager and/or leader of the business, how does your purpose get fueled by your position in the company?

You don't have to follow my client's lead and go to Africa to do your charity work, but you must get your needs met by your business. This is the message that my mentors have instilled in me and I believe in it 100%!

What about you? Take some time this weekend and reflect on these thoughts to make sure you're getting your needs met in 2013!