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Kenny Chapman has helped thousands of contractors around the world to transform their businesses and make MORE MONEY. He is finally revealing the system to you…

Service Sales Success School Online Can Increase Your Average Ticket By 50% and Have Your Technicians Selling More Than You Ever Imagined. This is Your Ultimate Solution to Getting More Sales, More Customers, and Higher Prices!



If you are sick of mediocre sales numbers and banging your head against the wall trying to figure out how to help your techs sell more work and provide amazing customer service…then congratulations, because you are in the right place! Join the rapidly growing number of people just like you who have been able to transform their businesses into “cash cows” and start enjoying life again. This can work for you even in a tough market surrounded by low-priced competition, and here’s how…

Dear Friend,

Hi, this is Kenny Chapman, founder of the Blue Collar Success Group, 2014 Tom McCart Consultant of the Year, author of the Six Dimensions of C.H.A.N.G.E. and creator of Service Sales Success School Online. I teach business owners like you how to make more money and I teach technicians how to become better at sales and customer service using my proven sales success strategies.

Imagine your business being less stressful and more satisfying. Imagine your technicians following a lucrative sales system that provides you with more income and time to spend with the people you love. Imagine your customers being so happy that they return time after time because you have built rock-solid relationships with them based on value and service (not low prices).

Service Sales Success School Online is your key to:


-Having a More Consistent Income Flow, Even During the Slow Season

-Avoiding the Low Price War Forever

-Creating a Cohesive Sales Process in Your Company

-Dramatically Increasing Your Average Ticket

-Building a Large Base of Repeat “Raving Fan” Customers

-Getting Referrals and Reviews on a Daily Basis


This might sound “too good to be true” to you, and I get it. I started out in a truck by myself in 1994 and it seemed like there was just competition everywhere, bidding wars for jobs, and I was operating in a very small market. As I was able to slowly grow my company and hire a couple technicians, it seemed to get even more difficult to balance everything and provide the exceptional customer service that I really wanted for my clients. I knew that I had to do something right away or I would end up with a stressful “Job” that I resented and no free time to enjoy life.

So I started to place myself around successful people. I would offer to buy lunch for local prominent business owners just to find out their “secrets” to running a company that they actually enjoyed while maintaining a lifestyle with the freedom to travel and have some fun. I also made the effort to meet other successful contractors around the country and learn everything I could from them.

What I Discovered Changed My Life Forever...


I learned that in order to have a life filled with freedom and success, I needed to make some big changes in my business. I needed to create systems and really train my employees (who I refer to as “team members”) to make the most out of EVERY SINGLE SERVICE CALL.

So that’s just what I did. It was such a life-changer for me that I knew I had to share my knowledge with others in the industry. I wanted to help others find a life of enjoyment and freedom that I was lacking for so many years as a new entrepreneur.

I began to share my story and my strategies with others, and over the last 15 years I became recognized as a prominent industry trainer, winning awards and even sharing the stage with the likes of Jack Canfield and Les Brown. I’ve been featured in Plumbing and Mechanical Magazine, Contractor Magazine, HVACR Business, USA Today, and major TV networks.

I absolutely love helping others through my message, and I’m still an entrepreneur at heart, always looking for new ways to improve my own companies and develop products to help my fellow business owners. I recorded Service Sales Success School Online based on pure demand and listening to tech training-based struggles.

My clients have been begging me for years to give them a solution to increase their techs’ average tickets….


And our live Service Sales Success School has helped so many technicians do just that, but there are certain things I always hear:


“I wish I could send all my techs to your live school, but I can’t shut down my company for two or three days!”

“The techs that I sent to your school came back fired up and ready to sell, but how do I keep that going?”

“I have a couple new techs that need your training NOW; I can’t wait a few months until the next Service Sales Success School.”

So, Here is The Solution...


Service Sales Success School ONLINE!

Let’s be honest, nothing will ever replace the power of face-to-face contact, but with today’s technology and my ability to reach people “through the screen,” we are experiencing a new level of cutting-edge, effective technician training!

This means:

-NO lost revenue days

-NO ticket cost per technician…train all your techs for one low price

-NO costly airfare, hotel rooms, and dinners out

-NO technician time spent away from their families

-NO RISK to you whatsoever…we even have an ironclad money back guarantee!


I have been overwhelmed by the positive response so far! We even had a client tell us that their techs are ASKING for the training now! (How often does that happen?!) See for yourself:

Service Sales Success School Online is a great tool. We completed it Friday last week and decided to revisit it every 6 months. It motivated the techs to the point that now we have training 4 days a week, they asked for it. It is an awesome tool, thank you!”

-Nissim Maimon, Pros 360 Performance Contractor, Inc.


I just love seeing technicians have renewed excitement about their jobs, their customers, and the companies they work for! When this happens, they always sell more.

Service Sales Success School Online helps technicians develop the confidence to finally work at the level they are capable of…

Techs who have gone through the program always comment about how much it has helped them find that critical confidence they need to become a top-notch salesperson:


“My favorite part of the school was realizing what I am capable of doing.”

Sam Iverson, Pine Heating & Air


“This school made me feel a lot better about my self-confidence.”

Daniel Gomez, Effective Air Heating & Cooling


“It’s nice to have training that doesn’t feel like training. It’s about improving us, not changing us.”

Daniel Davis, Gene Love Plumbing, Air & Electric


Service Sales Success School makes you look at what you do every day in a different way to drop bad habits. Thanks for teaching us to be proud of what we do.”

Keith, Jerry Kelly Heating and A/C


“My favorite part of Service Sales Success School was learning tools to build confidence and make connections with customers.”

Richard Moore- Gold Seal Plumbing


Then, once their confidence foundation is strong, I teach the specific skills to be the best salesperson possible:

“Service Sales Success School helped me learn to better communicate with customers, ask better questions, and build better value. I would recommend this school to others!”

Mark, Horizon Services Inc.


“I really liked all the tips and tricks to help stack the odds in my favor!”

Michael Appleton, Appleton Campbell


“Loved the 12 Steps to the Ultimate Client Experience!”

Eugene P., Surfin’ Plumbers


“Service Sales Success School is a great course, so many “nuggets.” Very fresh, not just the same stuff again. Love Kenny’s energy and that he is a realist.”

Matt Barbosa, Barbosa Plumbing & A/C


“I feel now, as the company’s senior tech, I am able to go further and make more money. I liked learning more about options sheets and objections.”

Mark Giglatto, Tiger Plumbing, Heating, A/C & Electrical

We’ve had clients tell us about their techs who have doubled and even TRIPLED their average tickets based on our training.

So, How does it work?

It works incredibly well.

Oh, that’s not what you meant? 🙂


Here’s how simple it is to hold your very own Service Sales Success School:

  1. Purchase from our online shopping cart and gain immediate access to all modules and guides. This is a one-time only investment to train unlimited technicians!
  2. Download and print a Leader’s Guide for each facilitator.
  3. Download and print a Participant’s Guide for each technician.
  4. Connect your computer to Wi-Fi and a TV or projector in your training area.
  5. You are ready to hold your very own Service Sales Success School!


NOTE: This can also be used to train individual technicians; it doesn’t have to be done in a group setting. It’s great for new hires, or you can play one module to revisit an area that an individual might be struggling with.

Sounds Easy, What Do I Get?

  • Welcome Video
  • MODULE 1- Course Introduction and Foundation
  • MODULE 2- Confidence & The Cost of Doing Business
  • MODULE 3- Finding Success Through Clarity
  • MODULE 4- Actions That Drive Results
  • MODULE 5- The game-Changing Dimensions
  • MODULE 6- The12-Step Ultimate Service Experience
  • MODULE 7- Directing the Service Call Process
  • MODULE 8- Discovering to Earn the Right
  • MODULE 9- Discovery Through Proven Questions
  • MODULE 10- Transitioning to Deliver Options
  • MODULE 11- Delivering Options
  • MODULE 12- Service Agreement/ Objections & Reviews
  • Downloadable Leader’s Guide
  • Downloadable Participant’s Guide

There are video clips from the actual live schools, interactive written exercises, role-playing opportunities, and places to stop the videos to have the technicians personalize the experience.

There’s no way I can tell you about every single thing that we cover in these hours and hours of training (without this getting way too long), but I can tell you that we provide you and your techs with a comprehensive sales system and techniques, backed by real-world experience and proven strategies. This program is meant to ENHANCE any other sales training that you are currently implementing, not conflict with it.

To give you an idea, some specific topics I cover are:

  • Overcoming objections using the three levels of listening
  • Closing sales with contrast selling
  • Creating options sheets that satisfy customers’ needs AND wants
  • Eliminating “bad sales habits”
  • The importance of service agreements
  • Asking for reviews and referrals
  • The proven presentation system
  • Sincerely connecting with customers

But Here’s The Best Part….

Service Sales Success School Online won’t cost you a dime.

You’re probably thinking, “Wait a minute Kenny, this product isn’t free, is it?”

Well, not exactly. BUT I will personally guarantee that it will pay for itself so many times over that it’s better than free!


I will literally give your money back if you don’t feel this more than paid for itself within 90 days.


In fact, just ONE technician selling ONE job because they understand how to connect better with your customers and offer them great options will cover your investment immediately.

We’ve had clients who had ONE technician’s single sale cover their investment three times over based on what they learned from the school.

SAVE $1000 TODAY with this special offer...

Get Started Today!

For the low one-time investment of $2,997, you can bring the impact of Service Sales Success School Online into your company.

I’ve been told that I’m crazy to price it so low and I should be charging at least 3 times that amount, but honestly, my #1 goal is to get this program into the hands of as many service business owners and managers as possible! I want technicians to succeed and I want you to have the company and the life you are dreaming of.

As you probably already know, sales and marketing are directly related. When your marketing is working effectively, you are getting tons of leads, and when your techs are properly trained with the sales techniques to maximize those leads, SALES MAGIC happens.

On the other hand, if your marketing is poor OR your techs aren’t expertly trained, the whole system falls apart. Don’t let that happen to your business.

Sometimes Training Is Not The Complete Answer

We have literally heard from our clients - This training is working so well that now I have a new challenge, my guys want more calls. I get it! It is a challenge. And that's why we've included Service Sales Success School in our Titanium Club Membership. That membership is designed for those contractors who are ready to go all in. To complete the marriage of Sales & Marketing. In the Titanium Club Membership you'll find our full Successful Contractor Marketing Kit that include 106 Money Making Strategies, loads of done-for-you letters and tools, as well as huge library of other business tools. I would just encourage you to take a look at the Titanium Coaching Club Membership if you want more than just a technician training program. You can learn more HERE.

SAVE $1000 TODAY with this special offer...

I Want My SSSS Online Now!

You Have Nothing to Lose and Everything to Gain…

  • Improved Customer Trust and Loyalty
  • Better Call Conversion Rates
  • Greatly Increased Average Tickets
  • A Huge Competitive Edge

Service Sales Success School Online isn’t even just about helping you achieve the life and business you’ve always wanted. You will have the added satisfaction of impacting the lives of your team members and their families.

Your Technicians Will Thank You…

-For their increased confidence

-For new sales tools and strategies

-For helping them make more money and improve their lives

-For exposing them to world-class training

One of my favorite things is to hear how much technicians love Service Sales Success School:


“Your School 110% helped me in my confidence and ability to close more sales. “

Dane English – Omega Plumbing


“I would recommend this school to any trade, salesperson or team. Kenny was a captivating speaker and real about everything. Wonderful information!”

Joe Fanara- Gold Seal Plumbing


“Best sales training I have had, no wasting time with useless information. Great stuff Kenny!”

Jason Zahra – Mr .Washer


“Great Program! I would recommend this class to any level technician or owner.”

Dan Buckley- Folkes Heating


“Kenny Chapman’s success seminar has given me the confidence & knowledge to close more sales and build strong customer relationships. I would recommend the course to anyone who can gain a benefit of sales and service.”

Jamie Irwin - Tai Irwin Plumbing


“The course helped me to realize what my weaknesses are, so I can recognize my habits to work on for me to excel my fullest potential.”

Shane Morgan – The Plumbing Doctor

You owe it to yourself and the great people on your team to take your business to a new level. You owe it to your customers to provide them with a professional, consistently positive experience in their home. It’s easy to get stagnant and complacent, but you are doing yourself and those around you a disservice if you are letting that happen. Take the action you know that needs to happen to start increasing your conversion rates, average tickets, reviews, referrals and overall sales.

If You Are Serious About Making More Money and Having More Freedom in your Service Business, Service Sales Success School Online Will Help Take You to That Elusive “Next Level!”


This is absolutely the key that opens the door to your company’s potential. Stop putting up with mediocre sales numbers and underperforming technicians. Trust me, I remember what it was like to feel constantly frustrated, trying to figure out how to grow my business and spinning my wheels hoping to help my techs sell was NO FUN! It’s time for you to start enjoying your business and watching your sales skyrocket…that’s the FUN part!

Service Sales Success School Online Will Improve Your Sales Results. Period.

Remember, if at any time in the next 90 days you feel like this isn’t a fit for you FOR ANY REASON WHATSOEVER, I will give you a full refund of your investment.

No hassle, no questions asked.

I want this to be one of the best investments you have ever made. Trust me, you will see a huge return.

Why Am I So Confident?

Because I know it will help you and your technicians based not only on my personal experience but on the experiences of my clients:

“Kenny, since going through your training my closing rate has jumped to over 90%! Before I concentrated on closing techniques, now I concentrate on creating the relationship. When you create the relationship, the sale is just a byproduct. Thanks Kenny!

-Neil Gerrald, Aloha Aire - Texarkana, TX

Are You Still Wondering if This Will Work For You??

Watch this video of my client Greg explaining how his company’s average ticket increased from $629 to $1,036 (That’s Over 60%)! in just a matter of weeks using Service Sales Success School Online

Pretty inspiring, isn’t it? Well, his experience is not out of the ordinary…there’s no reason you can’t be experiencing big victories for yourself! Stop making excuses and start taking action. I can’t wait to hear YOUR success story.

SAVE $1000 TODAY with this special offer...

I Want My SSSS Online Now!

You might be thinking, “I’m already successful.” Well then, you know what other successful people know…that you can always be improving. You can always be bettering yourself and your company. Successful people know that they can’t sit around and just stop moving forward.

If you aren’t moving forward, you are letting your competition pass you by.

Investing in Service Sales Success School Online is the best thing you can do today to make a positive impact on your company, your income, your technicians and your customers. It’s time to experience CRAZY SUCCESS!

This is truly a no-brainer. Your ROI will be better than putting your money anywhere else because this is an investment in your life and your business (and we both know that “sure thing” investments are hard to come by these days)! I’ve taken away any risk you might have by offering my Ironclad 90-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Mediocre sales numbers are a thing of the past. Join me, and the thousands of other business owners and technicians who have improved their lives using the strategies they learned from Service Sales Success School.

Do you want the next 12 months to be the best of your entrepreneurial career, or do you want another “ho-hum” year? It’s up to you. Click here to make it your best year yet.





P.S. Remember to check out the Titanium Coaching Club Membership if you're interested in our marketing resources and live coaching and implementation events as well.


P.P.S. Remember, don’t just take my word for how impactful Service Sales Success School is:


“Very upbeat and absorbing information. If anyone goes through Service Sales Success School and fails, they have the issue, not the course.”

Eddie Stone, Elite Electric & Air


 “Anyone entering into the service field should be blessed with this information.”

Kenneth Trosclair, Pipes & Plugs


“Kenny is current, still riding with techs and fighting the fight. I would recommend Service Sales Success School to others!”

Kyle Geiger, Horizon Services Inc.


“It’s not about the price of our services, it’s about value! Thank you, Service Sales Success School was the best class yet.”

Darren Rehong, CPI Plumbing & Heating


Get Started Now!

Plus your investment is 100% protected by Kenny's iron-clad absolute satisfaction guarantee

If at any time in the next 90 days you feel this just isn't a fit for you for ANY REASON WHATSOEVER, just ask and we'll give you a full refund...

No hassle, no questions asked.

I Want My SSSS Online Now!