Are you ready to STOP being

Run by your Company and START taking Control...

without sacrificing your beliefs and values?


Dear Friend and Potentially Frustrated Contractor,

Does this sound familiar?

  • Every time you go on a service call, your customers rave about you but there’s still not enough profit at the end of the month to provide the lifestyle you deserve?
  • Your business is structured around YOU being the main “go-to” for all the answers?
  • Your business is designed around running all over the place and putting out one fire, just to realize that three more have started?
  • You’re sick and tired of not getting the “perks” that other business owners seem to enjoy?
  • You’re frustrated that you haven’t grown your company to the BIG dreams you had when you first started?

I've got GREAT news for're in the right place now!

My name is Kenny Chapman, and I’m known as The Blue Collar Success Coach. Why? Because inspiring contractors to say ‘Yes’ to a higher level of success is what I do best.

My name is Kenny Chapman, and I’m known as The Blue Collar Success Coach. Why? Because inspiring contractors to say ‘Yes’ to a higher level of success is what I do best.

In fact, I’ve gotten SO good at it, that in the last 3 years, I’ve used the basics in this exact Breakthrough system to help MULTIPLE clients double their sales and reduce stress at the same time. I’ve done this while still running my own multi-million dollar service company applying the strategies I want to share with you.

I don’t tell you this to brag, I share this so you can know that I’ve learned a thing or two in the last 20 years owning a plumbing, heating, a/c well as being a sought-after expert trainer and coach in this industry since early 2003. Now I’ve got it down to a science.

Early on, I realized that doing things the same way all the other companies were operating would get me the same results they were experiencing...the mediocre kind! It was like the blind leading the blind. I knew there had to be a better way than “the hard way” to run a successful plumbing, heating & a/c business…and I can promise you…there is!

What’s my secret? Well, here it is in a nutshell –

After years of trials and errors, I want to show you how to grow your business faster and at last, get more customers who are eager to pay you more for your services using my 6 week breakthrough system specifically for contractors.

Zero Risk - Unconditional Money Back Guarantee

My system’s been working for smart contractors just like you and the best part have zero risk!

How to Explode Your Profits and Freedom - FAST!

  • My 5 Simple Success Strategies will help you develop your vision and build the perfect plan so you know without a doubt you are creating the business you’ve always wanted.
  • Discover the #1 secret technique which identifies your ideal customer with ease, so you can easily reach, attract and convert him (or her) into a “customer for life”… which means more $$$$ for you.
  • How to convert more prospects into customers and sell them add-on services at a whole new level with just 3 simple adjustments to what you’re already doing.
  • Take my proven “WOW The Customer” system and create raving fans for you and your team which means more referrals and more money.
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“Thank you Kenny for the awesome Six Week Breakthrough for Contractors. It was GREAT! I am incredibly pumped about this program, my company, and personal focus!”

~ Dave Meyers, Verde Sol-air, Camp Verde, AZ

Here’s What You Will Discover Over The 6 weeks. . .
WITHOUT Any Fluff, Hype or B.S.

Look, I know your time is valuable and I respect that, so I’m cutting right to the bone here and revealing to you what you will get over the 6 x 1 hour weekly sessions. Fair enough?

Module 1: Leadership and Planning

  • The A-B-C formula of leadership and what this means for you
  • 5 facts you must know about leadership
  • REVEALED: The power of culture and how this effects your business
  • How to write your own rule for the ultimate success
  • Discover 7 key components which are critical to your business plan
  • How to avoid the 4 biggest branding mistakes
  • 3 sales and marketing techniques which are guaranteed to get your more customers
  • How to avoid analysis of paralysis when it comes to planning
  • 5 simple ways to discover your purpose and how to apply these to your business
  • The WRONG way and the RIGHT way to communicate
  • 3 facts you must know about who you really are

Module 2: Leadership and YOU

  • REVEALED: The 2 secrets which allow you to unleash the power of personal change and how this impacts you
  • EXPOSED: Pain versus Pleasure and how to use it to your advantage. This one may shock you
  • 3 steps to conditioning
  • REVEALED: Kenny’s blow the lid off when it comes to effective leadership. Brace yourself for this one!
  • The 4 business don’t when it comes to making crucial decisions
  • THE 4 key components when it comes to being transparent. Ignore this one at your own risk!

Module 3: Structure and Process

  • Process vs. personality and what this means to you
  • Discover why you should NEVER put your cart before your horse
  • How to stop failure in your business
  • How to avoid playing the blame game
  • An easy 3 step system to structure your success
  • 3 critical questions you must have answered when it comes to changes within your business
  • REVEALED: The Six Dimensions of C.H.A.N.G.E. and what they mean for you
  • Leadership and change management: Kenny answers 3 critical questions which impact your success
  • Discover what the marathon effect is and how to apply it to your business for maximum results
  • 3 simple ways to reinforce your vision

Module 4: Clarity, Management, and Systemization

  • The difference between react and respond and what this means for you
  • REVEALED: The Slight Edge Difference and how to apply it
  • 3 components of conditioning
  • 3 ways to leading with purpose
  • Discover the 4 keys to Conscious Clarity and how they will dramatically change your life
  • 3 key elements which give you the power of choice
  • REVEALED: The 3 simple ways to leading change in your business versus managing and how this applies to you
  • 5 facts you must know about your beliefs – and what’s been holding you back!

Module 5: Sales and Effectiveness

  • Discover what’s missing in your sales system and how to correct it
  • The difference between being effective and efficient in your contracting business
  • How to solve the key frustrations in your business
  • Discover why almost everyone is wrong about the power of training
  • EXPOSED: The practice problem and what this means for you
  • Discover what collaborative coaching is and how this can help you grow your business
  • REVEALED: The Blue Collar 3D sales rules and how to apply them
  • 3 golden success keys which are critical for you success
  • REVEALED: The 3 components to providing the ideal client solution which means more sales for you

Module 6: Marketing, Advertising, and Implementation

  • 7 ways to correctly target your ideal customer using proven profiling techniques
  • REVEALED: The 2 critical questions your prospects are asking you without you even knowing it and why you must give then the answers to get their business
  • How to laser target your ideal customer with more precision than a side-winder missile
  • REVEALED: The differences between marketing versus advertising. The answers may shock you.
  • 5 rules of advertising and how to apply them successfully
  • 4 ways to track your customers effectively which means more efficiency and more money
  • 5 proven marketing strategies which you simply must apply for maximum profits
  • 3 rules to the power of commitment
  • REVEALED: The 3 components to living your ideal life and how to achieve them
  • And much, much more!

So now you might be wondering, Wow, Kenny, that's some list!
But what EXACTLY do I get?

  • 6 one-hour video webinar recordings focused on the following key parts of your business – Leadership, Marketing, Sales Conversion, Sales Optimization (add-ons), the WOW client fulfillment system, Service Management, how to put it all together, and much more
  • 30 Days of direct email access to me and my leadership team for help and direction, and questions that come up along the way
  • All 6 modules are video format recordings of the original webinar series. They’re also downloadable as an audio mp3 so you can continue reinforcement while utilizing your “Drive Time University” in your car. Each module is in print so you can read everything if you prefer. A big plus is the included Action Guide for each module with specific actions to take for each of the 6 modules – you knew homework was required, right?
  • Not a member of our monthly training system yet? Get Free Access to The Blue Collar Success Group technician training membership for 30 days. This includes Done For You technician training videos, monthly tele-training calls, our weekly newsletter The Training and Profit Connection and much more...
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As you can see, my “6 Week Breakthrough System for Contractors” . . . gives you everything you need to get launched to a whole new level of success in your business.

What you’ll be getting is insider knowledge, which gives you a guaranteed system to explode YOUR Sales & Profits through the roof!

There’s nothing left to chance & there’s nothing for you to guess about.

Maybe you are wondering if this will work for you?

Perhaps you believe this won’t work for you in your location or you believe that this type of system doesn’t work?

Well I can honestly say with 100% certainty, it does and it will. The amount of success depends on how much effort you are willing to put in.

I fully understand not everyone will be in a position to take advantage of my offer and that’s OK,however I must ask you . . . “How can YOU afford NOT to invest in a 6 week program that CAN change your life??

If YOU are looking for a “magic” pill to fix all the problems in your life, you’re not open to new ideas, or can’t or won’t follow instructions OR YOU would prefer to Work in YOUR Business & NOT ON YOUR Business . . . then this is not going to work for you either.

It’s not magic. You’re going to have to work for your success.

Consider It All…

OK. Let’s talk a little more about the investment required.

No doubt you’ve been doing a mental calculation and thinking . . . this will cost a lot . . . right?


If you hired me personally to come to your shop and teach you these strategies one on one, you’d be investing thousands and thousands of dollars, true. However, many contractors are in a place where they just need a bit more information and they can take the ball and run with it until one of our specific coaching groups make more sense to them.

In fact, many of our Platinum level coaching clients began right here, with this 6 Week Breakthrough Program.

The entire Breakthrough System sold for $597 with all of the DVD’s, CD’s, written modules and action guide sent directly to your door.

But…we found that most contractors didn’t care about the hardcopy product, in fact they wanted to download it immediately and get started. They spoke, we listened.

Want to download it now? How about download it right now, for a limited time, for only $197??

That’s right!

I want you to get this information as easily and quickly as possible, so for a limited time only, we’re offering this entire program in instant, digital downloadable format and extending a $400 discount off the hardcopy for the digital download version. We won’t have the fulfillment costs so we’re passing the savings directly on to you!

Save $400 today and change your life…that’s a 67% savings off the hardcopy price, and it’s worth way more than original price anyway, because of how this can change your career.

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So, how good can a $197 Business Breakthrough System be?

Good question.

Too many times, low cost = low quality. Not here. You will get exceptional value for money . . . all on a ZERO risk, Unconditional, 100% Money Back guaranteed.

YOU cannot lose one penny!

"Yes, Kenny I'm ready to start my Breakthrough!"

You’ll make your money back with one job sold based on the information you’ll learn. Not to mention the clarity you’ll have about creating your desired company, just like I’ve done with mine!

Kenny's GuaranteeYou’re protected by my Six Week Breakthrough “I Love This Training” Guarantee. I’m confident that once you get started with this training, you’re going to be thrilled. I also know if you’ll follow
the steps, the homework, and implement the strategies, you’ll be on your way to creating the company of your dreams.

Just to back that up I’ll give you an entire YEAR to really decide if this was worth it for you.

I invite YOU to test-drive my 6 Week Breakthrough for Contractors and then I will give you 1 full year from the date you receive the program to apply all of the knowledge, tips and techniques which I personally guarantee, will make you more money and create more free time in the first year worth multiple times your investment.

Is cash flow a challenge?

No problem, you can pay $98.50 now and $98.50 in 30 days if that works better for you.

"Not only am I doing your Six Week Breakthrough Series, but I’m on Day 16 of your 21 day program Unleash Your Greatest Life Now! The work challenges me but it is incredibly helpful!

Thank you for doing what you’re doing!”

~ Debbi Waldenberg, Central Heating and Cooling, Kalispell, MT

Dedicated to helping you achieve your dreams,

Kenny Chapman

P.S. Order now, this program sold out when we did it live as a webinar series!

P.P.S. Don’t forget my 365 Day, 100%, Unconditional Money Back Guarantee! If at any time you decide this isn’t a fit for you, simply call my team and we’ll cheerfully refund you 100% – no questions, no hassle, no fine print. You’ve got absolutely nothing to lose… And a whole lot of financial freedom to gain!

P.P.P.S. If you could hire someone tomorrow who’s walked in your shoes…overcome the same challenges you’re having right now….created the company, life, income, and freedom he desires…and is prepared to 100% guarantee your results…wouldn’t you do it? I know I would. This is a “no-brainer” investment.


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