The Charlie Sheen Way

Put down that glass of Tiger Blood and listen to Charlie Sheen because he is obviously...”Winninggggggg!”  The truth of the matter is that we might be witnessing the most public personal breakdown since Lindsey Lohan, however, Lindsey doesn’t seem to have the keen business insights that Mr. Sheen does.  Rant after rant Charlie drops nuggets of business gold and we’re not even talking about the disturbingly genius personal branding campaign.  My friend and lawyer, Nick Nanton esq., always says people buy people, and believe you me, people are buying Charlie Sheen.  T-shirts, Tiger Blood drink, and his new live show just sold out in a record breaking 18 minutes!  Despite all that, there are other hidden business secrets in his crazy one-liners.  Here are just a few.

“Winninnggggg...”: Probably his most famous line to date and what seems to be an obsession for him.  It begs the question, “Are you winning?”  What ever happened to that competitive nature we had as children.  Over the years it seems that a wave of political correctness has drowned our competitive spirt.  We went from Lombardi’s famous “winning is the only thing,” to “It’s not if you win or lose, it’s how you play the game.”  A great consolation line, no doubt, but can you really be playing the game that well if you’re losing?  Now, it is not to say that Lombardi had it right either.  So let’s rephrase it, “winning is not the only thing but it’s the FUNNEST thing.”  Embrace your competitive nature once again and take on daily challenges as your worthy opponent.  Business is your sport now, so game plan for victory and have fun doing it.  If you fall, get back on that horse again with an even stronger motivation to win and before you know it you’ll be addicted to winning. (Pun intended)

“My plan is the best plan in the room...”: Ahhh yes, confidence.  Now whether or not he actually has the best plan in the room is debatable but there’s this crazy attribute about confidence that more often than not, just works.   It’s a force that people gravitate to and a force that you as business owner must have to bring success to your company.  Often through the battle of entrepreneurship we get beaten down and forget that we have the best plan in the room.  Not only that, it is the fact that we have gotten farther and farther away from our original plan that has caused us to struggle a lot of the time.  Take out that original plan and see if you’ve strayed from your winning ways.  If you strayed, realign yourself. If your plan simply isn’t working, come up with a new strategy and tell your people it was always part of your plan....”duh, winninggggg.”

“I have Adonis DNA...”: Don’t ever forget you were made for this.   Nobody said having your own business was easy but you were built to withstand the battle and that’s the reason you’re standing here.  Continue to fight and build your business with the knowledge that you’ve won a lot of battles in your day and your were made for greatness.  We often only remember our losses and forget about the many wins we’ve had over the years.  Learn from your losses and build on the business victories you’ve had because you have Adonis DNA my friend!