The Key To Effective Training Meetings

dreamstime_s_16734190By John Burwell Jr, Service and Sale Coach

Earlier this week we hosted Live Look, a 2 day event attended by our weekly Mastermind Group and other contractors. The leadership of companies from Georgia, S. Carolina, Virginia, Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, California, Florida, and Washington all converged on Peterson and Grand Junction. I have a great appreciation for the commitment and investment these people have made to the continuous development and advancement of themselves and their entire team.

Throughout our two days together there was one common theme that kept repeating itself - simplify. Simplification drives efficiency and clarity.

As trainer in our company I got a lot of questions from attendees surrounding preparing for and delivering training meetings. The most common question; was how much time should go into preparing content for a weekly technician meeting? This hits home for me because I used to spend hours preparing each week for our meeting and thought that it was the only way to have an effective meeting. That simply is not true!

What I have learned is, the key to an effective service/sales meeting is the relevancy it has for the techs. They must be able to immediately apply the lessons and see results. So, where is the best place to look for meeting content? I find most of my content during ride alongs. You will easily begin to see common issues and challenges as you ride with different guys.

I am actually starting to prepare while I am on the ride along and opportunities arise. Then when back to my office I take 5-10 minutes to reflect on the ride along, craft a few questions intended to create interaction and discussion.

The second element to help you simplify the training process is to limit the content to one specific topic. Including multiple topics and details will overwhelm your guys and reduce their ability actually retain the most important information. Having one specific topic increases retention, and ultimately results.

If you can call a tech at 5pm the day of your meeting and they paraphrase the meeting with clarity and meaning, you know you have been effective.

So you can see that by making your ride along a source for meeting content and prep it simplifies the process and saves time.

Do me a favor and shoot me your thoughts or any questions I can answer on this or any other challenge you face in your day to day service/sales operations.

  • HI John
    Thanks for the info. I’m interested on your thoughts of techs who just don’t seem to use to the fullest what I am trying to teach them. We hold weekly training meetings, we use Kenny’s videos and others to help with the training but it just seems to me that it doesn’t stick with some ? Things have been slower but it seems I just can’t get them to do the little things, capitalize on the opportunities we do have, ask the extra questions…….fix and run !
    My question how do you deal with the “below average” guy, or should I say how long do you deal with them ? What extra attention do you give them , if any ? As I’m sure you are aware it seems to be getting harder to get decent techs so I tend to stick with some to long …….. so I’m not sure if it is something I’m doing or not doing ? Thoughts ?