The Search For Hidden Treasure

By John Burwell, Service and Sales CoachHidden Treasure

I remember, and you may too as a kid, reading stories about pirates following a map to a determined location where X marked the spot to dig for a buried treasure.  My buddies and I would then get the idea to draw our own map with an X to the mark the spot (not in my mom’s flower garden or my dad’s neatly manicured lawn, of course) in an empty field to spend hours digging for treasure. I am sure you have already asked yourself what the heck does this have to do with business; you are about to see. There are 3 main things we can do daily to uncover the treasure that exist in our company. These three things interact with each and require balance to get the most out of each one.

  1. Review paper work: the paper work is a snapshot of what the tech discovered and delivered with the client. It is a piece of the professionalism puzzle we are putting together on each service call. The strong  find here is the information you are given that allows you to start to see what you need to see as the coach (service manager) of you team as you move in to the second one…
  2. Coaching: this is where we take the information we are looking at and in most cases need to get some clarity to make sure we completely understand it from the techs point of view. During coaching we ask questions, take a few notes, and listen for the things that we can investigate further with our team member to help grow their service and sales effectiveness. This leads us to the third thing…
  3. Field Practice: 1 & 2 serve as strong pieces to this process, however they will not alone take the place of getting in the truck and visually observing what the tech does during the interaction with the customer. We are fortunate that we get to practice while we play. In most of the calls, with most of the customers, most of the time they are not aware that we have a “service call process,” which also means they have no idea when we miss something. As the coach we get the opportunity to assist the team member in this area – but only if we apply this part of the process.


When you apply this process consistently on a daily basis, you will help your team members to reach results that will have an impact on the customer, themselves, and the organization. You will uncover treasure that exists in you company right now. This is the map – not go find the treasure!