The Titanium Club is a space for forward-thinking home services entrepreneurs and leaders to connect, be inspired, and discover the best ways to succeed.

*Certain requirements must be met for acceptance into the Club.

It’s so much more than a group of people who pay their monthly dues and attend a few meetings. Titanium members are growth-oriented, passionate about their lives and businesses, and enjoy sharing successes (and failures) with their peers.

At the Blue Collar Success Group, we figure: Why try to do everything on your own when you don’t have to? Why wonder if something will work in your business, when you can ask the opinions of your successful peers who’ve had years of experience dealing with the same things? That’s how the Titanium Club started: out of the need for a deeper level of connections, clarity, and growth (both professional and personal) within the home services industry. We limit the group size so that every member receives the maximum impact and personalized attention they desire.

The Club is really a support system, a safe environment, a place to bounce ideas around and brainstorm your next move.  You can strategize, ask for advice, give advice, feel supported, and be able to talk openly about your struggles, while sharing the excitement of your accomplishments. You have access not only to relevant sales and marketing resources, but also to industry experts and top-notch peers. The relationships built and information communicated are priceless; it’s hard to truly understand the power of the Titanium Club until you are on the “inside.”

The Titanium Club Includes:

    • All Essential Club* benefits and resources - PLUS >>>
    • Titanium-Only sales and marketing tools
    • Two 2-day live workshops with peers annually
    • Weekly interactive group strategy and accountability calls
    • Monthly private online workshops
    • Experienced peers helping each other through current challenges and sharing what's working right now
    • Two tickets to our annual Sales and Marketing Intensive live event


    ONLY if you are ready for a higher level of profit, lifestyle, and relationships.

    Access to the insanely valuable Titanium Club is only $797 per month, with a one-time initial investment of $2,497. This is a small price, considering the connections you will make, the sales and marketing strategies you will gain access to, and the huge improvement you will experience in your life and business. PLUS - if you are someone who desires business and personal growth, loves innovative conversations, enjoys connecting with other smart industry leaders, and wants MORE from your business, you just might be a perfect Titanium member.


    The Titanium Club is not right for everyone. To begin the application process, complete the following assessment and schedule your free strategy session now.


    I’ve been super busy with the transition in bringing on a new partner so I know I  have missed out on a lot of our engagements.  This evening I spent a few hours listening to recorded call ins, video from recent events and other training.  Just want to say thank you to everyone’s involvement and support.  There is truly a wealth of knowledge in all of the members and am grateful for what you share.

    I joined the Titanium Club because I see the value in it.  As I said the first time I attended Acceleration Days, I believe that I’ve joined something super special on the ground floor. I love the contact and familiarity with all the other members and the fact that I’m in a group that really wants to grow, become stronger, and help each other out.

    I’ve gotten great value and implemented some powerful changes with the help of this awesome group of business giants that is the Titanium Club.

    I've got to  say yesterday's Titanium workshop was off the hook. Huge value. I appreciated the succinct and clear delivery.

    Tomorrow is our monthly company wide meeting. I am looking forward to implementing this strategic process tomorrow and every December moving forward.


    Wow! What a great two days at Acceleration workshop. I can't wait to get home and share with the rest of my team. It feels great to already have a head start on what I want to accomplish before even leaving.

    I can't wait for the next one. I now see how important it is to get out of my shop and work on my big rocks!

    I belong to other best practices groups, but what I like about this one is that it gives you what’s missing, which is motivation, leadership, and guidance. The calls motivate me to keep going, do more, get better, and make my business grow. The Titanium Club gives me a lot of tools and systems to implement, but also helps me with how to lead and train my guys, and how to get their mindsets where they need to be to become top performers. Spending time every week with my peers who run businesses all across the country gives me new perspective and new energy!

    The Titanium Club has put me in touch with a bunch of people who are in the same boat that I am. Sometimes as a business owner, you think you’re out here by yourself, floating around, trying to make it all happen and re-create the wheel. On a weekly basis, it’s great to get together with other business owners from around the country who are having similar (and different) struggles, getting to bounce ideas off of each other and work through things as a group. It’s a really positive environment for business owners.