Your Customers Personal Prescription

By John Burwell, Service and Sales Coach


At one time or another we have all been prescribed medicine by a Doctor that was intended to help heal an illness or problem we were experiencing.  It is true that for many of us the same RXmedicine will treat the same symptoms. However, research has indicated that although very similar responses to the medicine happens for most, there is difference in how the body reacts for some. Said differently, what may work for one may not work for another. This has created various versions and types of medication to treat the symptom, the problem, the person.

We know that there are various versions, personalities, and types of customers. How they respond to the medicine we prescribe based on the things we identified in our discovery piece of the service call is critical to the level of interaction with our customer. Though it is true that the symptoms they are experiencing are very similar to those that other customers are experiencing. As "the Dr." our prescription may be slightly or at times completely different based on the customer at hand. We know that the one variable that changes on every service call is THE CUSTOMER.

To insure we are getting to the correct prescription (solution) apply the following approach:
1. Ask Questions
2. Listen Carefully
3. Take Brief Notes
4.Ask More Questions

Next time you visit your physician watch the process, you may see it looks very much like the one above.


To your good health and prosperity!