Kelly Schols


Financial and Accountability Coach

About Kelly Schols:

Kelly began his in-home service business career in 1982 during a work program in high school. He started at CPI Plumbing in Mount Vernon, Washington in 1990, and since then has worked in all areas of the company, from the warehouse, service work, new installation, purchasing and estimating, to running the day-to-day operations. He took over CPI from his long-time mentor in 2001, exponentially growing the company under his leadership. CPI and Kelly were recognized as the 2012 North American Plumbing Contractor of the year, solidifying his expert status in the in-home service industry.

Kelly strategically implemented systems and put strong leaders in place at CPI that have allowed him the personal freedom to no longer be involved with the company on a daily basis. While building CPI, Kelly also had a personal goal to find a way to create true financial freedom for himself and his family, which he ultimately accomplished. He devoted massive amounts of time and energy to studying the best methods for building wealth and maximizing his resources, to the point of becoming a Dave Ramsey Qualified Master Financial Coach.

Kelly realized he found great fulfillment in helping others attain their own financial independence, so he started by formally coaching his own team members at CPI. He was quickly recognized for his efforts and won the George Brazil Trailblazer award in 2013 for his successful work with his CPI team pertaining to financial freedom. Kelly has since mentored many fellow business owners and their team members, helping them figure out the best way to build the companies and lives they desire, while developing levels of financial freedom they never thought possible.

Kelly is the Blue Collar Success Group’s Financial and Accountability Coach, mentoring members and contributing his diverse industry knowledge to helping them make their personal, professional, and financial goals into reality. He does onsite consulting, highly personalized coaching, group instruction, and trains at Blue Collar events. Kelly also remains involved with CPI Plumbing and Heating, giving back to the community that has supported his company over the years by donating to charities and local youth programs.

Coaching & Training

Essential Membership

If you’re looking for the right tools and resources to take your home service company to the elusive “next level,” you’re in the right place. The Blue Collar Success Group’s Essential Club membership programs include everything you need to train your techs, increase your average ticket, and develop a marketing powerhouse for just $6.48 a day ($197/month). The Essential Club is full of unique online training tools to improve your team’s performance and boost your success. We utilize proven sales and marketing strategies to help you increase the number of customers you currently have, increase your average ticket amount, and increase the number of transactions per customer.

Instant Impact Onsite

The Blue Collar Success Group’s Titanium Club is a space for forward-thinking home services entrepreneurs and leaders to connect, be inspired, and discover the best ways to succeed. It’s so much more than a group of people who pay their monthly dues and attend a few meetings. Titanium members are growth-oriented, passionate about their lives and businesses, and enjoy sharing successes (and failures) with their peers.

Accountability Coaching

One of the biggest struggles any business owner or manager experiences is the lack of someone to hold them accountable. That’s why we offer customizable, strategic accountability coaching with our award-winning advisers to help you and your managers work more efficiently and effectively in the direction of your goals. Each of our coaches owned successful in-home service companies and have been trained to provide you with the specific direction and steps you need to take your company to the next level.


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