What is Financial Mastery Workshop?


Finances are a massive point of stress for most business owners...

This stress impacts your health and your personal relationships (monetary issues are the #1 cause of divorce), and you can quickly feel out of control, like you’re stuck on a financial rollercoaster that is about to go off the tracks.

The good news is, you really can know what it’s like to live a financially stress-free life, regardless of your company size or market...and we can help.

We understand everyone is at a different place in their financial journey...

Whether you are completely stressed about your finances, or think you have a pretty good handle on them, you will be amazed by how much you actually don’t know about how to maximize your current situation and set yourself up for lasting financial freedom!

That’s why our Financial Mastery Workshop exists.

This two-day intensive workshop is facilitated by Blue Collar Financial and Accountability Coach, Kelly Schols, who is also a Dave Ramsey Qualified Master Financial Coach. He has created true financial freedom for himself with his in-home service company and will help you do the same!


It is also NOT a one-size-fits-all consult, like having an accountant go on and on about basic concepts. This IS a tactical workshop that will set you up to accomplish your financial dreams.

You will also fill out a pre-workshop questionnaire and receive 90 days of priceless accountability follow-up from Kelly, who will talk with you every other week to make sure you are on the right track and answer your questions. This workshop is specifically designed for long-term, sustainable impact on your company and your finances.

What's covered at Financial Mastery Workshop?

Enhanced understanding of your income statement, ratios, and margins

Budgeting cash more effectively to help during slow seasons

Managing distributions and owner salary

Developing financial systems to hold you and your team accountable

Budgeting with specific goals in mind

Getting overhead in line with margins

A personalized financial “dream-setting” exercise

Accounts payable and receivable management for better cash flow

Pricing strategies to maximize profitability

Creating long-term financial freedom for you and your family

How your financial habits impact you professionally and personally

Planning for your future: retirement, college funds, travel, etc.

If applicable, these topic below can also be covered during your workshop:

Planning and strategizing for selling your company for top dollar

Improving your personal debt to income ratios

Helping managers better understand the "Why behind the KPI"

Your Special Requests

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Financial Mastery Workshop Participants

Receive a HUGE BONUS:

Kelly Schols will lead a Personal Financial Mastery evening workshop for your team members and their spouses!

Using principles from Dave Ramsey’s Core Financial Wellness program, Kelly will guide your team members through a series of exercises to help them get their personal finances in order and stop living paycheck-to-paycheck (statistically, 70-80% of your team members live this way).

Kelly will help your team members:

  • Uncover their bad financial habits
  • Create a realistic budget and gain financial control
  • Destroy the debt that weighs them down
  • Develop a $1,000 emergency fund

This is accomplished in three 90-minute evening sessions and team members are highly encouraged to bring spouses for maximum impact.

Financial stability is the best gift you can give your team members, PLUS the less stressed they are about finances, the more productive they are at work. Kelly is so passionate about helping people achieve financial freedom (and has seen the impact it has on companies) that he does this as a bonus for each Financial Mastery Workshop he facilitates.

So, what are you waiting for?

Financials are the foundation of your business, and your business is a vehicle for your personal wealth...

Stop being held captive by your finances and start living a financially stress-free life!

Overview of What's Included:

A comprehensive pre-workshop questionnaire

Kelly will spend two full days at your location (this can be extended to a three-day workshop if needed)

90 days of follow-up accountability and Q&A calls with Kelly

PLUS he will facilitate three BONUS 90-minute evening sessions for your team members and spouses!

What Our Clients and Members Are Saying...

About Your Financial and Accountability Coach, Kelly Schols

Kelly began his in-home service business career in 1982 during a work program in high school. He started at CPI Plumbing in Mount Vernon, Washington in 1990, and since then has worked in all areas of the company, from the warehouse, service work, new installation, purchasing and estimating, to running the day-to-day operations. He took over CPI from his long-time mentor in 2001, exponentially growing the company under his leadership. CPI and Kelly were recognized as the 2012 North American Plumbing Contractor of the year, solidifying his expert status in the in-home service industry.

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