5 stars for Chris Crew. Chris definitely helped me to understand that I am a revenue generator! I've always considered myself a "cost center" but he really opened my eyes to the ideas of how I help generate revenue for the company. Chris also had a tremendous impact on how I manage to the "person"! Thanks Chris... I AM A REVENUE GENERATOR!!!

Ryan Nelsch
Quality First Plumbing and Heating


This group has helped me get control of my business! The growth we have experienced has happened largely because of the practices that this groups trains. Highly recommend this group for any business owner in the trades.

Levi Torres
High 5 Plumbing


Chris is amazing! During training (and casual conversation) just about every sentence out of his mouth is a gold nugget that offers encouragement, insight, and improvement for our team members, leadership, and our customers. Chris has such a wealth of experience in our service industry - when he speaks - I listen!

Kimberly Kean
Gene Johnson Plumbing

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Access the keys to being a Profit Magnet

MPG is unlike anything our industry has seen before. We take the four core components of your service company and professionally train each one monthly to ensure critical synergy between all departments and team members:

  • Owners/Leaders/Managers
  • Front Line Technicians
  • Office (CSR's/DSR's)
  • Retail (High Ticket) Salespeople

Training Clips

Why This Approach?

  • A huge mistake most companies make is focusing on training only one or two departments, typically sales and/or management, because they view these areas as the ones that drive profitability. This leaves the other parts of the company stagnant and resistant to change. All team members, regardless of department, need to be growth-focused and on the same level for any training to achieve maximum effectiveness.


  • It’s time-saving and cost-efficient. With the MPG virtual training approach, you don’t have to send team members to classes in another state (or country), racking up travel expenses and losing revenue. Plus, you aren’t responsible for coming up with training content; our professional trainers handle everything so you can focus on running the company.


  • It takes virtual training to a new level. Let’s be clear: this is not a training video series. Those have their place, but MPG trainers interact directly with you and your team members, giving proven solutions to real time challenges.


  • It’s impactful for companies of all sizes and backgrounds. Regardless of whether you have one truck or one hundred, whether you have regular training now or just the occasional training meetings, MPG will bring your team members together on an entirely new level.


  • It helps create a growth and training-focused culture, which has been proven to be a major factor in the success of the most profitable companies in the world, and especially our industry. Many companies have meetings, but most aren’t actually training, even if they think they are. There is a science and methodology to effective training, and all the Blue Collar Success Group professionals are well-versed in the most innovative approaches.

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What Will MPG Accomplish for You?

  • Empowered, confident leaders. Professional, service-driven office champions. Focused salespeople with a customer-centric mindset and cutting-edge skills. It’s a cohesive program that can take everyone in your company to the next level.


  • Help team members from all departments understand each other better so they can work together synergistically for maximum, consistent profit generation.


  • We teach the “why” behind every concept, so team members will actually execute the training effectively.


  • Increase the overall VALUE of your team. Each department has value in different ways, all working together to impact your bottom line each month. When you increase the value of your entire team, not just one area, that’s when positive momentum builds and creates sustainable growth. Think about training as building a cohesive team, not simply increasing skillsets in one area.


  • You can “Train your way out” of the majority of problems your company is facing RIGHT NOW. If you’ve tried before and not reached your desired results, that’s ok…it wasn’t lack of effort on your part, if was lack of proper execution…and most execution fails when team members aren’t on the same level working toward a consistent goal. We know behavior change follows mindset change, and that’s why one of the goals of MPG training is to get all your team members on the same level, thinking in the same direction.

What Are Some Sample Training Topics?


Leaders are the ones who are usually giving the training, not receiving it, so this is a perfect time to get ‘off the island’ and ask questions of industry peers and trainers. Topics like structuring/executing one-on-one meetings, turning frustrations into breakthroughs, and personal confidence are just a few topics that will be covered.


Front Line Technicians

You probably already do some form of tech sales training, but as you know, hearing the same message from a different person, especially an industry expert, can make all the difference. It’s not personal; it’s just what works. We will appeal to different tech personalities, talking about topics like customer connection, work/life balance as a tech, and making the most of every call. Your techs will love the interaction and sharing with peers from other companies, too.


Office (CSR's/DSR's)

This department often gets left behind when it comes to training and is a huge hole in the business. What if you could get one more booked call per day that generated $1,000? Even one more per week is over 50K per year! Think about it. We will cover strategies such as how to handle “price over the phone” requests, the office team’s impact on overall company culture, scripting, scheduling objections, communicating more effectively with front line team, and more.

Retail (High Ticket) Salespeople

The focus here is to create closing ninjas. Training topics will include: how to truly understand and utilize price conditioning, setting & accomplishing goals, and how to consistently get better at closing the value gap (which automatically closes the price gap). Retail salespeople are very unique, and many have big egos. They need a specialized type of training, and we are experts and understanding how to reach and motivate them.

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